Our faculty consists of an advisoryboard that evaluates the program on the quality of the learning outcomes, the results and the customer satisfaction.

From left to right:
Ad van Berlo, Chairman vanBerlo
Rob van der Werf, ASML business development
Staf Depla, oud-wethouder Eindhoven

Educational team

The educational design team guarantees the tracks are aligned with your learning needs and output goals.

Designforum is a case-based academy for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Designforum offers accelerator programs with a strong focus on Design Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our immersive learning experiences target the development of professionals who are capable of putting their mark on business and society by transforming ideas into solutions. Our powerful acceleration methods and the associated mentor networks are valuable assets. Together they form a strong base for the Designforum where we develop innovation potential.