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Lola Gielen

In 2015 she graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. She took part in the program with her graduation project 'Neo' and won the ASML Makers Award. Now she is a co-founder of Happybots, has her own designstudio and is part of the the artist collective What if Collective. She designs products to interact with. She likes to make playful products that make people smile. If you are interested to see her work, take a look at her portfolio on


A music instrument everybody van play. It takes years of hard work to master an traditonal instrument. Neo will make making music simple. Music is a sensory experience, while playing a traditional instrument sound is directly influenced by touch. This is often lost in digital instruments. Neo is a digital instrument, but your touch will still influence the sound. For Neo you don't need rhythm, perfect pitch or years of practice, Just play.