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Bert Maas

I am an Industrial Designer from Eindhoven with a focus on lighting design (MSc Industrial Design, TU/e Eindhoven). I have experience working as a lighting architect (for Har Hollands Licht Architect) as well as installation design and product design as a freelancer (Studio Lucifer). My expertise lies in lighting design and creating meaning and value in the design of tangible products. In my work I try to create practical applications of light that create the right impact.



Designer LED scaffolding. Quality lighting that is structural and modular. Build with light that is waterproof, easy to install and reusable.


What is Lichtbouw?


No-nonsense lighting from Eindhoven. What if LED strips are structural and easy to build with? Lichtbouw creates practical solutions that allow for creative use.

After a year of work it is time to start showing off what we developed!

Lichtbouw introduces a structural LED system. Build with light; with minimal cable management. The core concepts of simplicity and practicality have led to a product with a broad range of applications. The modern, modular design is completely re-usable and designed to last. It can survive all weather conditions and withstand the impact of a 160km/h racing drone. It is fully compatible with scaffolding couplings and therefore easy and quick to apply.

With 60 RGB LEDs/m the light is perfectly diffuse and completely addressable, meaning it can be animated and become dynamic (DMX/Artnet). The ease of use allows you to focus on the creative and innovative parts of projects. Simplification in order to make room for creativity.


Lichtbouw is an Eindhoven based startup founded by Bert Maas during Designforum's accelerator 'design to market'. Lichtbouw will start sales in 2019 with support from Designforum, ASML, BKKC and TSG-group.